So, many of you are very unaware of what is happening in the world today but, let me just briefly tell you what is happening to an animal that may be extinct in a couple of years because of the Nisshin Maru and many other whale killing organizations. In 1982, the IWC banned commercial whaling so that the whale species may recover but, many organizations ignore this effort and kill different species by the hundreds. The Nisshin Maru claims that they just take the whales for ‘research’ but later it was found that they reel in about $2,000,000-$3,000,000 on each killing spree. This is completely immoral for them to take out a whole species just for money. An organization that helps prevent all of this to happen is the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. They aren’t supported by the government and they run off of donations. Without donations they can’t go on many trips and save thousands of whales, so I ask you to donate a few dollars or even buy a shirt. Their website is www.seashepherd.org. Thank you for your support. 

Posted on April 27th at 10:51 PM
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